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Executive Director Cordial presents “Partnering for Advocacy” at CIT Conference

Gail CordialPartners in Crisis Executive Director Gail Cordial was among the presenters this week at the Crisis Intervention Team International Conference in Las Vegas.

Cordial spoke with two co-presenters on "Partnering for Advocacy: Making a Difference by Working Together."

"We wanted to show people how Partners in Crisis, a coalition of criminal justice and mental health leaders, has successfully fought budget cuts in Florida," Cordial said, "and advocated for legislation that allows communities to invest in the intensive services that keep people with mental illness out of the justice system."

Cordial presented the workshop with Laura Usher, CIT Program Manager with the National Alliance on Mental Illness, and Michele Saunders, Chairwoman of the Florida CIT Coalition.

"Criminal justice leaders, working with advocates and mental health providers, can get the attention of legislators and policymakers to show that these cuts don’t save money, they just shift the burden to the criminal justice system," Cordial said.