Florida Partners in Crisis is the only Florida organization that promotes state and community collaboration across the mental health, substance abuse and criminal justice systems to reduce the contact of people with mental illnesses and addictions with the justice system and to actively promote the cost-effective use of tax dollars to increase public safety and improve lives.

What We Do

Emphasizing statewide reform, Partners in Crisis members advocate for creation of local treatment diversion and re-entry initiatives such as mental health and drug courts, jail diversion programs and specialized law enforcement training.

Our members support recovery for people with mental illnesses and addictions through appropriate treatment, medication, supportive housing, transportation, vocational and employment services.  Partners in Crisis’ programs serve as a forum for sharing innovations and best practices that can be adopted by communities across the state.

Florida Partners in Crisis is an independent education and advocacy organization that receives no government funding.

Our Members

Partners in Crisis’ unique membership provides a broad perspective not typically found among mental health and substance abuse advocacy organizations.  In addition, the Chair of our Board of Directors must be an elected official, giving added visibility to our efforts.

A dedicated Board of Directors that includes sheriffs and other law enforcement officials, judges, attorneys, state agency officials, providers, families and consumers provide their expertise to formulate strategic planning, education and advocacy priorities.

Our Accomplishments

Partners in Crisis’ credibility in developing educational programs for legal, judicial and health care professionals, its partnership with the Florida CIT Coalition and its diverse membership of criminal justice leaders makes the organization well-suited in its role to promote evidence-based practices and legislative initiatives that can be adopted by communities throughout our state.

Advocacy. In 2007, Partners in Crisis created and won passage of the Criminal Justice, Mental Health and Substance Abuse Reinvestment Grant Act. To date, 32 counties have received funding to plan, implement or expand community systems of care that have produced savings in emergency room costs, law enforcement and jail services and decreased hospital stays, while also reducing re-arrest rates and helping individuals remain in recovery.  Thanks to the efforts of FLPIC, the Legislature has approved funding for the program each year including $3 million approved by the 2013 Legislature to fund 7 new community programs.

Education. In 2009, Partners in Crisis established a Justice Institute to provide continuing education courses for judges, public defenders, state attorneys, court personnel and others to assist them in working with and representing people with mental illnesses and substance use disorders.  In addition to in-person training, the Justice Institute has created a bench book guide for judges, a community resource guide and a video library of its programs.

Continuing education sessions have been approved by the Office of the State Courts Administrator (OSCA), Florida Bar and Florida Certification Board.  Partners in Crisis works collaboratively with the Office of the State Courts Administrator, Florida Bar, Florida Sheriffs Association and many other organizations to host or provide faculty for a variety of statewide and regional conferences.

Law Enforcement Collaboration. Diversion programs often begin with first responders. Partners in Crisis promotes the development and expansion of Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) training to help provide specialized skills to thousands of law enforcement officers across our state. More than 18,000 Florida officers have been trained, resulting in fewer officer and civilian injuries, fewer officer involved shootings, fewer arrests of people with mental illness, decreased use of force and notable savings in jail bed days.