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Justice Institute Roundtable

Each year more than 170,000 people experiencing serious mental illnesses are arrested and booked into Florida jails. Approximately 75% have a co-occurring addiction. The cost to house them in jail is $1 million per day - $365 million per year.

The Florida Partners in Crisis Justice Institute was created to help judges and attorneys meet the challenges of the large number of individuals with mental illnesses and co-occurring substance use disorders involved in the criminal justice system.

Grant funding for development of the Justice Institute was provided by the Florida Bar Foundation, Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation and Lilly USA, LLC.

Your support is needed to help us sustain the important work of the Justice Institute. Roundtable funds are used to support continuing education programs for judges and attorneys; develop written education materials and expand our DVD education library.  Our programs are designed to help communities create collaborative systems of care to increase public safety and help individuals maintain their recovery and wellness.

Roundtable members enjoy benefits based upon their level of participation.  All membership levels are appreciated and your participation in our events is welcome and encouraged.

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Thank you for your support and generosity.
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